U4-2605 - [Feature Request], 6.1.4, Add better search and replace options to all code editor controls.

Created by Jeremy Pyne 07 Aug 2013, 20:13:11 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 25 Aug 2013, 15:45:41

Is duplicated by: U4-2278

Relates to: U4-2323


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Jeremy Pyne 07 Aug 2013, 20:14:32

Added plugin to all code area editors to suppressed normal browser Find function with internal code mirror functions. This is needed for search to work on long documents and also adds more advanced regex search and replace options including:

Ctrl-F / Cmd-F Start searching Ctrl-G / Cmd-G Find next Shift-Ctrl-G / Shift-Cmd-G Find previous Shift-Ctrl-F / Cmd-Option-F Replace Shift-Ctrl-R / Shift-Cmd-Option-F Replace all

Demo: http://codemirror.net/demo/search.html

Sebastiaan Janssen 25 Aug 2013, 15:37:40

Pull request accepted in revision c9942d7ca544ded3594d6e32ea54f7052a287274

Priority: Major

Type: Feature (request)

State: Fixed


Difficulty: Very Easy

Category: Editor

Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted: Pull request

Affected versions:

Due in version: 6.2.0


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