U4-2661 - Create styles to apply to tree nodes: 'dimmed' (not published), protected, has saved revisions pending publishing

Created by Shannon Deminick 21 Aug 2013, 02:47:40 Updated by Per Ploug 21 Oct 2013, 12:02:35

Subtask of: U4-2891

pp: are indicators for this available in the tree data? (pending and protected).

SD: Currently not but was going to add a 'styles' dictionary or array object to each node since a node can contain multiple of these styles. Someone might also want to have their own css class added to the node as well.


Per Ploug 28 Sep 2013, 08:24:56

has the styles collection been added yet?

Shannon Deminick 08 Oct 2013, 02:04:47

Hey @Per, this is done on the back end, now just need to wire it up to the front end. Here's the details:

For each tree node there's an array of css classes that can exist in the json on a property called: "cssClasses"

The ones that get put in there are:

"protected" - when the node is protected "has-unpublished-version" - when the node is published but there are pending versions to be published "not-published" - when the node is not published

If you want to change these values, they are found in Umbraco.Web.Models.Trees.TreeNodeExtensions

Shannon Deminick 09 Oct 2013, 05:15:37

@Per you mentioned yesterday that you couldn't get the has-unpublished-version working - easy to do, just publish a node and then save it (not publish it). That will cause that style to show up since there's a pending revision.

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Assignee: Per Ploug

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