U4-2849 - Ensure editor views, etc... can exist outside of the /umbraco folder for package devs

Created by Shannon Deminick 16 Sep 2013, 09:27:11 Updated by Shannon Deminick 03 Oct 2013, 02:00:32


Shannon Deminick 02 Oct 2013, 09:27:56

This is quite important... what we need to do is allow developer to specify their package name which we will always assume is located in


then we need to specify convention paths for things just like we are doing internally in the core. For example when we add the Create menu item, our system automatically determines that it's alias is create so it will try to load the dialog: /.html

Shannon Deminick 03 Oct 2013, 01:24:52

We now have conventions for view paths for packages and core trees (the conventions are based on the current tree) - in order to use angular views you will need to use the new tree format, legacy trees will continue to work the way they currently are.


''the main angular editors route is: '/:section/:tree/:method/:id'''

  • Core - views will be loaded from: /umbraco/views//.html
  • Packages - views will be loaded from: /App_Plugins//umbraco//.html

For tree nodes:

When a user clicks on a tree node and the 'RoutePath' has not explicitly been defined on the tree node (the default), the is defaulted to "edit" so the view paths will be:

  • Core - views will be loaded from: umbraco/views//edit.html
  • Packages - views will be loaded from: /App_Plugins//umbraco//edit.html

Developers can specify a custom RoutePath for any node which will cause umbraco to change location to that specific route.

For menu item dialogs:

  • Core - views will be loaded from: umbraco/views//.html
  • Packages - views will be loaded from: /App_Plugins//umbraco//.html

When creating menu items developers can also override this behavior and specify a custom dialog view if required.

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Assignee: Shannon Deminick

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