U4-2873 - Change cmsMacroProperty table to reference an alias for the property type and remove cmsMacroPropertyType

Created by Shannon Deminick 17 Sep 2013, 05:49:31 Updated by Shannon Deminick 24 Sep 2013, 08:52:12

Relates to: U4-2874

Relates to: U4-2869

Relates to: U4-2872

Relates to: U4-2895

Subtask of: U4-2886

Currently the cmsMacroProperty table references the cmsMacroPropertyType but the cmsMacroPropertyType is just a container for parameter editors which are actually already plugins so there is no need for a db table at all.

We need to update the cmsMacroProperty.macroPropertyType to reference a string alias and remove the constraint all together.


Shannon Deminick 19 Sep 2013, 02:14:26

Need to ensure that the old business logic apis are updated to support this change somehow.

Priority: Task - Pri 2

Type: Task

State: Fixed

Assignee: Shannon Deminick

Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: False

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Due in version: 7.0.0


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