U4-3 - Doc types have an ‘inheritable only’ flag

Created by Matt Brailsford 20 Jun 2012, 10:31:53 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 06 Sep 2012, 17:04:59

Duplicates: U4-158


Shannon Deminick 01 Jul 2012, 22:01:03

The name of this needs to be changed to make more sense. like 'Show in root' or something

Dan Booth 02 Jul 2012, 07:37:01

"Inheritable Only" makes more sense to me than "Show in Root" :)

Matt Brailsford 02 Jul 2012, 07:45:03

I think the point is that it should be more restrictive by nature, so (like allowed templates) nothing should be allowed below the "Content" node by default, and it's up to you to make it available. Where as the "Inheritable Only" flag works in reverse, forcing you to select every template you DON'T want available.

Dan Booth 02 Jul 2012, 11:53:37

Ahh, OK, title confused me. I read "inheritable only" as ability to create abstract doc-types that you couldn't have instances of, but only use as a master.

To solve the problem of restricting DocTypes in Content node could you just make the Content node editable like all other DocTypes, then you can use the same interface to apply restrictions?

Antony Briggs 16 Jul 2012, 08:45:12

Can we clarify if this is "Inheritable Only" as in v5 like Dan Booth is suggesting or some restriction on creation of new nodes under the content root and possibly create two issues if both are required.

As this work is slated for the same release as U4-43 Multiple inheritance of doc types, I vote for the v5 style master-only doctypes.

On the subject of filtering doctypes when creating new nodes - I like Sitecore's ability to pick from any doctype if you are an administrator. I regularly have to allow a child doctype, create a node, then disallow the child doc type to prevent regular users from messing up the tree.

Funka! 18 Jul 2012, 23:16:38

Agreed that "Inheritable Only" does make me think, "OK, so this doctype can only be inherited (by something else?)" ... i.e., an abstract doctype only.

Would this be implemented as just a checkbox in the doctype's Structure tab (underneath the Allowed Child Nodetypes) that says something like "Allow in root?" (Slight semantic difference between 'show' and 'allow'.)

James Hildeman 30 Jul 2012, 20:47:22

Sorry, maybe I'm missing something here, but what does "allow in root" have to do with "inheritable only"? To me "inheritable only" just says, don't allow this to be created on it's own by a user in the content area. Whereas, "allow in root" seems to imply where this doctype can live in the hierarchy. I didn't mess with v5 much, so maybe that's what I'm missing.

I am hoping this is the "inheritable only" functionality that I understood it to be.

Sebastiaan Janssen 06 Sep 2012, 17:04:59

This is actually a duplicate of 158 and that one is explained much better, the way this issue was intended.

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