U4-3147 - Create tag supported property editors

Created by Shannon Deminick 15 Oct 2013, 01:49:15 Updated by Shannon Deminick 29 Oct 2013, 07:17:23

Subtask of: U4-2887


Shannon Deminick 22 Oct 2013, 22:03:50

Have done c# integration but need to do manifest integration now.

Shannon Deminick 23 Oct 2013, 08:36:20

Also need to support this TODO:

    //TODO: We should be able to add an overload to this to provide a 'tag definition' so developers can dynamically change 
    // things like TagGroup and ReplaceTags at runtime.

Priority: Normal

Type: Task

State: Fixed

Assignee: Shannon Deminick

Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

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Due in version: 7.0.0


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