U4-321 - Images Fail to Upload using MetaWeblog API - "Invalid URI"

Created by Sebastiaan Janssen 19 Aug 2012, 14:51:12 Updated by Shannon Deminick 21 Jun 2017, 07:52:13

When publishing from Live Writer using MetaWebLog API text only posts are posted with no problem, but posts containing images fail with a:

Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.

Error. In the WLW log see two related entries, but can't tell if its a WLW or and Umbraco issue:

"Informational: UploadUri is null"," at System.Environment.GetStackTrace(Exception e, Boolean needFileInfo) DisplayableException occurred: WindowsLive.Writer.Extensibility.BlogClient.BlogClientException: File Upload Failed - Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed. at WindowsLive.Writer.PostEditor.WeblogBlogFileUploader.DoUploadWorkBeforePublish(IFileUploadContext uploadContext)

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''Comment by [mbengtson|http://www.codeplex.com/site/users/view/mbengtson] on 8/4/2010 5:03:25 PM:'' In 4.5.1 the newMediaObjectLogic method returns an invalid url to the uploaded image - The path to media includes a tilde (~).

Here is the response (thanks fiddler)...



''Comment by [jimmysmithjnr|http://www.codeplex.com/site/users/view/jimmysmithjnr] on 12/3/2010 3:50:52 PM:'' Is there anyway to get round this? Can I overide a particular method or something to do a Replace() with the tilde?


Shannon Deminick 21 Jun 2017, 07:52:14

Closing issue due to inactivity - see blog post for details https://umbraco.com/blog/issue-tracker-cleanup/

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