U4-3318 - Refactor internal context menu logic to support both tree and editor

Created by Per Ploug 04 Nov 2013, 23:24:47 Updated by Per Ploug 19 Nov 2013, 12:47:33

Currently the context menus are built for use with the tree, adding them to editor views gives new usage scenarios which we must support.

So we either need a stable way to link content editor and tree item so they can cross reference eachother, or get rid of the tree node reference in dialogs and menus altogether.


Shannon Deminick 04 Nov 2013, 23:27:19

I think what we need to do is add a method to the tree service to get an individual node (based on getting the child nodes of it's parent id and filtering). Then we have a simple method to get a tree node model based on an id. I'm not sure how tree syncing worked in the end but assumed you would have had to create this logic already?

Shannon Deminick 04 Nov 2013, 23:29:20

Also it'd be nice if we can attempt to stay away from global vars that we seem to keep attaching to the nav ui collection. Now it seems that we have a var called currentTreeNode and one that is called currentNode - not sure what the difference is

Per Ploug 04 Nov 2013, 23:33:04

yeah, tree sync works based on a path or id, so it iterates through the tree nodes until it finds the node matching the path, eg. 1023,13434,2323 - these parts can be moved to the tree service so editors can use them directly to get access to the actual tree item.

And yup, agree on the nav.ui stuff, some is leftovers, some not in use, and some can easily be moved to more approriate services.

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