U4-3543 - Umbraco 7.0 RC Richtext Editor (Toolbar bug, styles bug)

Created by Ahmed Abdul Moniem 15 Nov 2013, 08:23:11 Updated by Marc Goodson 15 Nov 2013, 12:27:47

Duplicates: U4-3470

  1. Tried to show all the toolbar controls of the rich text box but it does show only some of them not all of them.

  2. Also, tried to add some styles rule to the drop-down without success.


Per Ploug 15 Nov 2013, 08:32:37

will go through the config and ensure those there will also be shown and added.

The styles list does work, but I think it might cache the styles list currently, atleast that worked for me, by adding a style, clearing the browser cache and it showed up

Marc Goodson 15 Nov 2013, 09:20:42

The styles list in 4 & 6 often needed a refresh to update, styles are working as expected for me (sorry for the dupe)

Ahmed Abdul Moniem 15 Nov 2013, 11:33:48

I don't see the styles in the dropdown .. even if I added a style property to my style sheet.

but styles may work if I added the style to an HTML tag element from the source view of the rich editor.

Marc Goodson 15 Nov 2013, 12:27:47

Hi Ahmed, Create a new stylesheet, call it editor, associate this stylesheet with the rich text editor; then hover over the new editor stylesheet in umbraco settings, and hit the three dots, and select create, - create a new 'style' with an alias, eg name: Heading, alias h2, you can put font-size:1.2em if you want the editor to see the effect of the style in the rich text editor. save, and this should then appear in the styles dropdown, albeit after refreshing browser cache

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