U4-3592 - Create Umbraco logo as svg

Created by Tim Geyssens 19 Nov 2013, 14:53:41 Updated by Andy Thompson 18 Jun 2018, 22:28:11


Andy Thompson 18 Jun 2018, 22:28:11

I noticed this ticket has not been updated in almost five years. There appear to me to be three options.

There already is an SVG logo being used on the Umbraco web site (most pages, top left, either white or turquoise); can it be repurposed wherever it's required?

Can the Umbraco SVG logo from the Press pack be used or does it need the glyph alone without the word "Umbraco"? See https://umbraco.com/about-us/press/ ;

This issue is fixed and just needs closing as done.

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Type: Cosmetics

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