U4-3651 - What is the "Pick multiple items" prevalue on MNTP for?

Created by Matt Brailsford 21 Nov 2013, 19:30:17 Updated by Shannon Deminick 04 Dec 2013, 06:13:56

Relates to: U4-3776

Could probably do with some help text for this as it's not clear what it's for. Checking or unchecking it doesn't seem to prevent you from selecting multiple items. Is this what it's meant to be for? if so, do we really need it if we have a min / max nodes fields below it?


Shannon Deminick 25 Nov 2013, 03:43:51

Not sure why we'd want MNTP to only select one node? The "M" stands for "multi" :P

Damiaan Peeters 02 Dec 2013, 06:46:44

Shannon, what about consistency of data entry?

Shannon Deminick 02 Dec 2013, 22:01:48

@Damiaan, i don't know what you mean?

If people want to use MNTP for a single node selection than doesn't it make sense to just use the content/media picker? Or - you'd set the max number to "1"

Jeavon Leopold 02 Dec 2013, 22:11:21

I was about to agree with @Shannon as there is already a content & media picker, but actually having this option enables you to have a filtered/controlled content/media picker, but then again, maybe those should be options on those editors also, hmmm....

Shannon Deminick 02 Dec 2013, 22:18:27

Well if we keep this option, it'll just be to 'automatically' set max to '1' and we'd leave the min box there so people can make it required. But that all seems silly to me, it's easier and more clear to just have min/max boxes and you can set max to '1' if you want.

Jeavon Leopold 02 Dec 2013, 22:51:34

Ah yes, it is pointless and the same as setting max 1

Shannon Deminick 04 Dec 2013, 06:13:48

This is all fixed, there's now just min/max like v6

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