U4-3708 - Umbraco 7 umbraco.config doesn't refresh to display published content

Created by Mads Jørgensen 25 Nov 2013, 20:52:39 Updated by Greg Fyans 28 Nov 2013, 10:05:18


It seems that the cache isn't refreshed on saving and publishing changes on a document. As soon as I preview, it's there for good.

Seems to me, that the save event doesn't refresh the cache, but preview mode does.

Let me know if a screencast is needed!


Shannon Deminick 26 Nov 2013, 01:33:17

When you preview it sets a cookie so you are in preview mode, you have to click the button when previewing to close preview mode. Same as this issue right ? U4-3638

kenny burns 27 Nov 2013, 14:46:55

We are experiencing the same issue. Content seems to be cached and save/publish is not refreshing the cache. If we preview, close and refresh the page, the cache seems to be refreshed.

Thanks :)

Greg Fyans 27 Nov 2013, 14:48:45

This isn't related to preview mode at all. When you save and publish new content, the umbraco.config is updated to reflect change, but the change isn't reflected on the front-end of the site for some time.

Is there a way to change the length of time content is cached or turn it off entirely?

Shannon Deminick 27 Nov 2013, 22:20:48

@Greg, i will try to replicate this.

Shannon Deminick 27 Nov 2013, 23:28:52

@Greg, i cannot replicate this. When I publish any content it is immediately visible on the front-end. Do you have your site setup in a particular way or some more information about how to replicate this issue?

Greg Fyans 28 Nov 2013, 10:05:18

@Shannon - I can't replicate this either now. Hmmm, I wasn't imagining it :) If it happens again I'll make a note of exactly what I was doing prior.

Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Can't Reproduce

Assignee: Shannon Deminick

Difficulty: Normal


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