U4-3711 - VS Publish and Umbraco 7

Created by David Stevens 25 Nov 2013, 22:36:29 Updated by Seb 12 Jan 2014, 08:48:40

Since connection strings are moved to their own file under config/ I can no longer easily setup web deploy profiles across Local/Dev/Staging/Production servers for the connection string. VS Publish looks for the connection string in the web.config where it used to be.

A third-party plugin (SlowChetah) is available to assist but this adds more overhead when there wasn't really a necessity to move it.

Change is sometimes hard to swallow, but effecting my deployment efficiency wasn't a change I was expecting.


Olov Nilzén 26 Nov 2013, 07:13:29

You can just replace the line in web.config with the contents of "config\connectionStrings.config"

David Stevens 26 Nov 2013, 10:28:16

There are a number of things i could do. But my question, why did Umbraco fix what wasnt broke? I can't imagine that the majority of installs use more than one connection string. So why bother with adding even more files to Umbraco when it wasn't needed?

Besides causing more leg work to make publishing work, it just creates more bloat to the file structure.

Just my 2 cents, for what it's worth.

Scott Blomfield 26 Nov 2013, 19:14:37

Obviously this is affecting your workflow, so I don't want to downplay the validity of how this is affecting you ... but to add my own experience - by using SlowCheetah this is cutting down on the amount of work I have to do to deploy a site, so this is an efficency win for me. I realize not everyone can/wants to install 3rd party plugins though, I just wanted to make sure it was clear on the ticket that for some people this is a welcome change - the addition of one more file (in the midst of the thousands added by TinyMCE) is not an issue for me.

David Stevens 26 Nov 2013, 20:25:56

I still don't see a point in making a change that doesn't seem needed. And making the developer find "workarounds" to things that were never broken.

Seb 12 Jan 2014, 08:48:40

This change has indeed been reverted in 7.0.1 as we realized you and others were correct.

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