U4-3712 - Allow c# property editors to have custom js injected into the js initialization block so they can load in angular controllers

Created by Shannon Deminick 26 Nov 2013, 08:11:29 Updated by Shannon Deminick 28 Nov 2013, 21:39:40

Otherwise non-core c# property editors cannot have angular controllers


Shannon Deminick 28 Nov 2013, 03:24:54

This is done now, you can do this by attributing your c# property editor classes like:

[PropertyEditor("MyPropEditor", "My Property Editor", "myeditor", ValueType = "STRING")]
[PropertyEditorAsset(ClientDependencyType.Javascript, "/umbraco/js/xmlExtras.js")]
[PropertyEditorAsset(ClientDependencyType.Css, "/umbraco/css/umbracoGui.css")]
public class MyPropertyEditor : PropertyEditor

Tim Geyssens 28 Nov 2013, 09:47:29

Nice what about using embedded resources, is that possible? Or should I create a new issue for that?

Shannon Deminick 28 Nov 2013, 21:39:40

It is possible but it won't be included in the compressed/combined CDF bundles in release mode. CDF does support embedded resources but has to make internal requests to itself which leads to problems when load balancing. There's a feature I've wanted to implement in CDF for some time to manage it's own embedded resources so that when bundling it doesn't need to do this - unfortunately it's impossible to decrypt asp.net's encrypted embedded resource string in medium trust.

If you would like to be able to do embedded resources though, please create a diff feature request.

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Type: Bug

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