U4-3760 - Feature Request: Please put Umbraco 6 back on NuGet!!

Created by Jack Orion 28 Nov 2013, 21:09:21 Updated by Jack Orion 29 Nov 2013, 08:40:12

We're battling to test Umbraco for a set of applications for which we use Visual Studio Express 2012. We've driven ourselves nutz trying to get Umbraco 7 to behave, so we reckon we really need to be testing Umbraco 6 as well. NuGet is a great way to add Umbraco to a VS project, but currently only Umbraco 7 is available on NuGet. Please could Umbraco 6 also be available on NuGet - at least while the many issues on Umbraco 7 are dealt with. Many thanks - and keep up the work on Umbraco 7 which looks promising (but not seriously usable yet).


Sebastiaan Janssen 28 Nov 2013, 22:10:16

This is impossible, we cannot remove a version.

To install v6, use: Install-Package UmbracoCms -Version 6.1.6

Jack Orion 28 Nov 2013, 22:27:27

I'm not asking for Umbraco 7 to be removed. I'm asking for Ubraco 6 to be available on NuGet as well. ie both at the same time.

Jack Orion 28 Nov 2013, 22:31:51

PS I thought the Umbraco community was meant to be a friendly one?

Sebastiaan Janssen 29 Nov 2013, 07:24:14

I will go work on my lack of communication skills.

Top o' the mornin' to ya my fellow Umbracian!

Yes, v6 is installable at the same time, go to Tools > Library Package Manager > Package Manager Console and paste in: Install-Package UmbracoCms -Version 6.1.6

I bid you a fond farewell and hope you have a fantastic day testing out Umbraco 6.16.

Jack Orion 29 Nov 2013, 08:40:12

Thanks S. We were up and running with U6 in 1 minute. We send you a virtual beer.

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