U4-3810 - Media Tree empty after installing StarterKit

Created by Ben Brown 06 Dec 2013, 11:22:37 Updated by Per Ploug 06 Dec 2013, 12:46:00

Installing any StarterKit you expect to see any media files appear within the Media tree, however, it remains empty. Within the Media folder on the server (explorer) though it is fully populated and the StarterKit seems to work fine. Refreshing the Media tree nodes does not fix and tree remains empty.

Maybe this is intentional, but I suspect not?


Per Ploug 06 Dec 2013, 12:32:03

any errors in browsers javascript console?

Per Ploug 06 Dec 2013, 12:33:44

Also, I actually dont think any of the starterkits installs any media, the media tree does not directly reflect what is in the /media folder

Ben Brown 06 Dec 2013, 12:36:32

no JS errors - I suspected that might be the case with the media folder. This isn't a bug then can close.

Ben Brown 06 Dec 2013, 12:37:52

Just wanted to check as the starterkit code refers to some images within the media folder but couldnt see them within the tree

Per Ploug 06 Dec 2013, 12:39:33

what starterkit is it? txt or overflow?

Ben Brown 06 Dec 2013, 12:42:36

Both do it

Ben Brown 06 Dec 2013, 12:44:27

Example in Txt kit:

Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Closed


Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted:

Affected versions: 7.0.1

Due in version:


Story Points: