U4-3847 - Public acces on highest node also works on other highest nodes and children

Created by Jeroen Breuer 12 Dec 2013, 14:38:23 Updated by Jeroen Breuer 12 Dec 2013, 15:06:04

I've got public acces set on the highest node. See screenshot attachment. I've got a second highest node where I want to have some pages that always need to have acces. Those pages are now also protected. Here is my acces.config:

In the web.config I've got . If that is set to false the pages are accesible. I can expect the highest node to not work because it's hidden, but the download node under it should be accesible.

Tested on Umbraco 6.1.2

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Jeroen Breuer 12 Dec 2013, 14:55:53

This issue can probably be ignored. My route hijacking is probably in the way. Doing some more tests.

Jeroen Breuer 12 Dec 2013, 15:06:04

Yes it was my own route hijacking that did the redirect. Issue closed.

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