U4-3860 - Unable to login after upgrading to 7.0.1

Created by Enrique Blanco 13 Dec 2013, 23:22:21 Updated by Enrique Blanco 14 Dec 2013, 08:58:47

I downloaded the final 7.0.1 version and after upgrading I cannot log into the backend. When I access the login page a get a 400 error accesing /umbraco/UmbracoApi/Authentication/IsAuthenticated

and when I type user and password I get a 500 with the following error:

{"Message":"An error has occurred.","ExceptionMessage":"No MediaTypeFormatter is available to read an object of type 'LoginModel' from content with media type 'text/plain'.","ExceptionType":"System.InvalidOperationException","StackTrace":" at System.Net.Http.HttpContentExtensions.ReadAsAsync[T](HttpContent content, Type type, IEnumerable1 formatters, IFormatterLogger formatterLogger)\r\n at System.Web.Http.ModelBinding.FormatterParameterBinding.ReadContentAsync(HttpRequestMessage request, Type type, IEnumerable1 formatters, IFormatterLogger formatterLogger)\r\n at System.Web.Http.ModelBinding.FormatterParameterBinding.ExecuteBindingAsync(ModelMetadataProvider metadataProvider, HttpActionContext actionContext, CancellationToken cancellationToken)\r\n at System.Web.Http.Controllers.HttpActionBinding.<>c__DisplayClass1.b__0(HttpParameterBinding parameterBinder)\r\n at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereSelectArrayIterator2.MoveNext()\r\n at System.Threading.Tasks.TaskHelpers.IterateImpl(IEnumerator1 enumerator, CancellationToken cancellationToken)"}

I upgraded flawesly to some previous nightly builds, but the final 7.0.1 version is not working. Any clues?


Enrique Blanco 14 Dec 2013, 08:44:18

Just got a backup back and reinstalled again. seems to work now... Sorry

Enrique Blanco 14 Dec 2013, 08:58:47

One question about this... why the upgrade process is so different between the nightly builds and the final version? It's quite confusing

Priority: Critical

Type: Bug

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