U4-3916 - In 7.0.1 if you set a minimum but no maximum value for a MNTP it will not allow adding items

Created by Joshua D. Stewart 18 Dec 2013, 14:43:30 Updated by Shannon Deminick 24 Mar 2014, 04:40:11

In 7.0.1 if you have a MNTP with a minimum number of items set, but don't set a maximum the picker will not let you add/save the items. If no maximum is set it should allow unlimited items.


Rasmus Trumf Carstensen 13 Feb 2014, 10:10:02

Same issue in 7.0.2 and 7.0.3

Drew 20 Mar 2014, 21:40:32

Also getting this, it occurs regardless of the type of node (content/media/member) and regardless of whether you have other controls (e.g. multiple MNTP). Tested in Chrome 33.

Shannon Deminick 24 Mar 2014, 03:57:58

I cannot replicate this in 7.1, there's been some fixes already applied to MNTP for 7.1 so am going to assume this issue was taken care of

Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Fixed


Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted:

Affected versions: 7.0.1

Due in version: 7.1.0


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