U4-3927 - Property Editors in V7 Cache the controller.js but there is not an easy way to clear it for development

Created by Kevin Giszewski 19 Dec 2013, 18:07:22 Updated by Kevin Giszewski 19 Dec 2013, 18:16:20

When creating a Property Editor in v7.0.1 there is no way (obvious at least) to clear the DependencyHandler.axd which is where the 'myprop.controller.js' is minified into.

So while developing a property, the only apparent way to clear this is to rename the file in the manifest or to append a query string to the end. This makes creating a custom editor extremely cumbersome.

Touching the web.config and/or clearing the browser cache does not help.

Changes to the 'view.html' come through fine as I don't think that is cached.



Kevin Giszewski 19 Dec 2013, 18:16:07

ok we figured it out:

Set debug to TRUE while developing.

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Affected versions: 7.0.1

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