U4-3936 - Multinode Treepicker filter not working (v7)

Created by Sunshine Lewis 23 Dec 2013, 16:28:45 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 09 Feb 2014, 13:55:39

Entering any value into the "filter out items with type" seems to restrict the picker to only nodes in the root (regardless of type).

#frontPage ##page 1 ##page 2 ##frontPage B #panelContainer ##panel 1 ##panel 2

If I'm trying to filter out "frontpage, panel", I expect to be able to select either of the pages (1A or 1B) and the panel container (2). Instead I can only select frontPage(1) and panelContainer(2).

This behavior occurs with all combination of documentType name and/or alias I've tried using Umbraco 7 or 7.0.1.

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Edwin van Koppen 04 Feb 2014, 12:37:57

Seem to be fixed in 7.0.3

Anders Brohäll 04 Feb 2014, 15:33:35

Can confirm that, even though any nodes at level 1 can be selected even when filtered.

Sebastiaan Janssen 04 Feb 2014, 16:09:19

? Not sure what the problem is, seems fine in 7.0.3.

Please add more details on how to reproduce, I can select at any level and not in level 1 when it's not allowed.

Edwin van Koppen 04 Feb 2014, 16:18:37

It was broken in 7 but i can do now everything in 7.0.3 so i think it's also fixed, but maybe Anders can confirm this also?

Anders Brohäll 04 Feb 2014, 16:21:48

Nah, im on 7.0.3. Start Pagetypes (/on level 1) are still selectable, even though there supposed to be filtered out.

Sebastiaan Janssen 04 Feb 2014, 16:26:28

@Anders ... More info really needed. What exactly have you configured and how do you expect it to work? I guess the wording is wrong, anything you enter in the filter will be allowed, anything else can not be selected.

Anders Brohäll 04 Feb 2014, 16:53:42

It works as expected. I assume it was a cache thingie.

My bad!

Yakov Lebski 08 Feb 2014, 14:27:51

Still not working in 7.0.3

Anders Brohäll 09 Feb 2014, 07:26:56

Even if you empty the cache? Remember that the angular files tend to get really stuck in the cache.

Sebastiaan Janssen 09 Feb 2014, 13:55:39


From the release notes:

Google Chrome has notoriously aggressive caching, so if something doesn't seem to work well in the backoffice, make sure to clear cache and cookies thoroughly (for other browsers as well).

One way to nudge the cache in Chrome is to open the developer tools (F12) and go to the settings (the cog icon). There will be a checkbox that says "Disable cache (while DevTools is open)". Once this checkbox is on you can refresh the page and the cache should be invalidated. To force it even more, the "reload" button next to your address bar now has extra options when you right-click it. It should have "Normal reload", "Hard reload" and "Empty cache and hard reload" now. The last option is the most thorough and you might want to try that.

We're working on making this experience better and seamless, but for now make sure to follow these steps for v7 upgrades.

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Affected versions: 7.0.1, 7.0.2

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