U4-3952 - Allow any property editor to be used as a prevalue input

Created by Kevin Giszewski 30 Dec 2013, 21:39:49 Updated by Kevin Giszewski 01 Jan 2014, 21:31:30

Not trying to shake up the new version of umbraco, but I think it would be better to specify existing property editors as prevalue property editors.

Maybe this could be offered as an override?

i.e. If I make a new property editor, I think it makes sense to specify other property editors as my custom editors prevalue inputs.


{ propertyEditors: [ { alias: "TextMatrix", name: "Text Matrix", editor: { view: "/App_Plugins/TextMatrix/view.html" }, prevalues: { fields: [ { label: "Name", description: "Enter the name", key: "name", propertyAlias: "Umbraco.Textbox", validation: [ { type: "Required" }
] }, { label: "Other Field", description: "Select something", key: "otherField", propertyAlias: "Umbraco.Checkbox List", validation: [ { type: "Required" }
] } ] } } ] , javascript: [ '
/App_Plugins/TextMatrix/controller.js' ] }


Kevin Giszewski 01 Jan 2014, 21:31:21

Looks like you can already do this by specifying the view. i.e. view: myprebuiltview.html

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