U4-3988 - Search in backoffice

Created by Eran Meir 07 Jan 2014, 14:37:53 Updated by Shannon Deminick 11 Jul 2017, 00:38:34

Relates to: U4-2676

right now when i search for content in the back office, i can see results only for the following fields var fields = new[] { "id", "bodyText" }; and of course nodeName

can you please allow us adding more custom fields like in a config file or search for all fields. searching for id,nodename or bodyText is quite limited for the editors. thank you


Chester Campbell Jr 17 Jan 2014, 23:12:57

And I would hope that this feature would also apply to the Media Picker Filter. I have a use case where I would like to add a tags property to the default Image Media Type and then allow content editors to search for images using the tags.

Douglas Robar 20 Jan 2014, 12:34:40

Could all properties be searched? It would return a lot more results but the examine weighting should do a decent job of giving the best results first. Or, if that isn't good enough on large sites, perhaps segment the results for pageName and id first and then put a divider and show results from all properties afterward? Or, show hits for pageName and id along with 'show more results' link to display all hits across all properties? A bit of UX testing would show what works best for small and large sites.

The big idea, though, is to search within all content. If I find a typo on a page I'd like to be able to search for the typo rather than knowing all the page names it might appear on. Or sometimes I want to search by a phrase or product name. Or... well, there are lots of reasons I don't search by the pagename.

Erik Weiss 24 Feb 2014, 18:19:19

You can search all fields by adding a * before your term.

Arjan Pot 04 Mar 2014, 17:33:31

A * results in YSOD: '*' or '?' not allowed as first character in WildcardQuery (7.0.4)

Erik Weiss 05 Mar 2014, 19:06:25

@Arjan.Pot: The asterisk can only be the first character in the search. If you're searching for multiple terms, you should type something like: *term1 term2

Unfortunately it does an OR search, so searching for multiple terms is pretty useless.

Shannon Deminick 21 Jun 2017, 07:59:55

Closing issue due to inactivity - see blog post for details https://umbraco.com/blog/issue-tracker-cleanup/

Douglas Robar 21 Jun 2017, 09:36:14

Still a valid bug report. Searching in the back office using '*' as the first character causes a red error on the screen:

Server error: Contact administrator, see log for full details. Failed to retrieve entity data for query *

Though no entries in the log file.

No problem with '?' as originally reported though.

However, you must search for a term using the first letters of a word. A page called 'Products' can be found by searching for 'p' or 'pr' or 'prod' for instance. But you can't find it by searching for 'rod'. I know this is a quirk of examine/lucene but it is a big bother for users of large sites who don't always know exactly what they are looking for. They think, "I know it'll have these letters in the name somewhere" and then they don't find it.

Further, searching only goes against the nodename. As has been mentioned, it would be nice to be able to specify other fields to search within. Perhaps default to fields such as MetaKeywords, MetaDescription, and BodyText as is done with ezSearch. It's a good start and allows for customization if desired.

The point of all of these suggestions is to make the back office search work as non-technical users would expect it to work. Every improvement will be greatly appreciated.

cheers, doug.

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