U4-4019 - Media picker broken after 1 image selected

Created by Clint Kahler 09 Jan 2014, 18:09:31 Updated by Dima Stefantsov 14 Jan 2014, 18:08:48

I use a media picker to select an image, then click save/publish. This works fine, except that if I go back to edit the image, it is not displayed. There is just an empty space where the media picker should be. I cannot edit the image or select a new image at all. Why is this happening? I am using umbraco 7.0.1. It is best illustrated by viewing the uploaded screen shots.

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Sebastiaan Janssen 09 Jan 2014, 18:26:02

What javascript errors do you see when the empty space is showing?

Clint Kahler 09 Jan 2014, 18:39:43

TypeError: Cannot call method 'indexOf' of null

Clint Kahler 14 Jan 2014, 15:52:56

Can I get a response on this? I will have to dump Umbraco 7 if not.

Sebastiaan Janssen 14 Jan 2014, 17:53:39

I actually can't reproduce it on a clean 7.0.1 install so unless you can find a way to reproduce the error I'm going to have to assume that something is in your site is conflicting with it.

I've tried both the media picker and the multiple media picker and neither exhibit this problem.

You might also want to try a different browser and if you did any upgrades from 7.0.0 to 7.0.1 then make sure to clear your browser cache thoroughly.

Dima Stefantsov 14 Jan 2014, 18:08:48

One of my content managers had something that looks like this bug. No idea what JS errors he got, but in the end he disabled his Kaspersky Antivirus and backend worked fine for him ever since. Just my 2 cents.

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