U4-402 - 4.7 IE7 Content Tree Loosing Icons

Created by Sebastiaan Janssen 19 Aug 2012, 14:52:35 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 24 Aug 2012, 20:16:58

Can anyone reproduce this error for me please? My client has reported it and I can reproduce it, can we get a fix please?

Steps to reproduce

1 Log into back office and wait until the content tree loads 2 Expand tree down to multiple levels 3 Go to settings section 4 Go back to te content node and start expanding the content tree

Notice that the icons are missing.

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Sebastiaan Janssen 23 Aug 2012, 14:21:18

Brendan, can you still reproduce this on 4.8.0/4.8.1? I can't see it, let me know if this is still happening or not.

Brendan Rice 23 Aug 2012, 15:36:24

Hi Seb, I think it must have been fixed as I can't reproduce it in the latest version.

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