U4-4191 - Umbraco 7 issues with moving site to new db

Created by Robin Crama 06 Feb 2014, 13:36:51 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 06 Feb 2014, 14:58:47

  1. After copying the database and republishing the whole site everything works correctly but the media items. The media items are there, the ID is correctly read by the razor script, but the Umbraco.TypedContent gives an null reference error.

We found out that saving the media items 'fixes' the issue, but you can imagine that this would be unpleasant to do for a site with 1000+ media items;)

2. Further i found out that the sort order is not correct after moving the site and you need to sort before the sort order is restored.

  • we also tried to delete the umbraco.config (didn't help)

*cannot find the exact version of Umbraco (Maybe put it under the Help button?) but we downloaded it 9 days ago so it is very recent.


Sebastiaan Janssen 06 Feb 2014, 14:58:41

Which version of 7? We fixed #1 in 7.0.3.

#2 Sort order of what? The version is under the help button but in very low contrast. Look all the way at the bottom.

7.0.3 was released 4 days ago so I'm assuming an upgrade to 7.0.3 would fix a lot of things.

FYI: In the future it's better to create 2 issues if you have problems with multiple items.

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