U4-4212 - Insert Image in RTE not resizing image

Created by Mikkel Johansen 11 Feb 2014, 10:28:55 Updated by Chriztian Steinmeier 19 May 2015, 15:24:37

Is duplicated by: U4-4218

Relates to: U4-4967

When inserting an image in TinyMCE the image is not resized to the width and height of the size the user has made.


  • The user uploads a JPG (2000px x 1500px) to a Media.
  • In the RTE the user inserts the Media/Image and makes it 500px x 375px
  • When the page is rendered the image is still 2000x1500, but the browser resizes it 500x375.

In version 6 the image is saved in a resized version, and the URL inserted into RTE is to this resized version. And the url is post-fixed with the width and height. For example: /media/1144/awesomeimage_200x187.jpg


Kyle Turner 21 Feb 2014, 09:32:56

This feature is essential to me, my end users rarely have any knowledge of how to re-size an image. They tend to upload & insert images straight from a digital camera which kills the page speed and they look terrible when the browser handles the resizing.

Thanks, Kyle

Casper Horsted 22 Feb 2014, 19:13:35

1+ a must have for editors - so hope this will make it in 7.1 - TIA :-)

Peter Kung 03 Apr 2014, 03:59:59

Any ideas if this issue will be addressed?

Per Ploug 03 Apr 2014, 07:08:09

its addressed in 7.1 as we've added ImageProcessor to handle this, so on resize it appends width and height to the image path like img.jpg?width=200px&height=500px

Mikkel Johansen 03 Apr 2014, 07:12:33

Great and a good solution.

Sebastiaan Janssen 03 Apr 2014, 08:29:49

@Per.Ploug Do I need to do something special for that? Currently I just get the img with width and height set, not the additional querystring (clean install of latest source).

Sebastiaan Janssen 03 Apr 2014, 08:50:13

Would've helped if I actually pulled those changes in, works beautifully!

Signe B. 14 May 2014, 13:45:28

Unfortunately this is still not fixed in 7.1.2.

schlubadub 23 Apr 2015, 04:11:28

@Per.Ploug this still seems to be an issue in 7.2.4. I can't see ANY image dimensions being added when I insert an image via the RTE. I am using the Grid, and am expecting it to pick up the width (not the height!) from the "Maximum size for inserted images" Grid setting.

schlubadub 08 May 2015, 01:03:32


Chriztian Steinmeier 19 May 2015, 15:24:37

Just a note (triggered from this post on Our: https://our.umbraco.org/projects/collaboration/imageprocessor/feedback-for-imageprocessor/64879-404-when-media-is-provided-by-a-VirtualPathProvider-(UmbracoStorageS3)?p=0):

The "px" suffixes on the dimensions should not be there, if ImageProcessor is to be used for the resizing... maybe the bug is just that?

Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Fixed

Assignee: Per Ploug

Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted:

Affected versions: 7.0.2, 7.0.3

Due in version: 7.1.0


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