U4-4279 - Child Document Type Missing Template

Created by Sam Kimmel 21 Feb 2014, 17:14:06 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 21 Feb 2014, 19:25:51

Duplicates: U4-4225

I created a child document type and checked the box to create the corresponding template.

It recognized the template and automatically assigned it from within the Document Type editor, however it is not listed under the Templates directory. I refreshed the folder and it still was not present.


Sebastiaan Janssen 21 Feb 2014, 17:21:18

What is the name of the document type? Is the template present on disk?

Sam Kimmel 21 Feb 2014, 17:36:20

Was named "Category Page". I just tried it again on a clean install with the name "Category" and had the same issue.

The view template is present on disk, but does not get reflected in the Templates directory on the web ui.

Note: I'm using the default SQL CE installation without any starter kits.

Sebastiaan Janssen 21 Feb 2014, 17:57:11

Weird as it works fine over here.

  • Did you change the UmbracoSettings.config to use WebForms instead of Mvc?
  • How are you refreshing the folder? The correct way would be to click on the ellipsis (the ...) and choose reload nodes.

One final thing: could you open fiddler or look in your network tab in the chrome developer tools to see if there's an error refreshing the tree? That might give some more clues of what's going on.

Sam Kimmel 21 Feb 2014, 18:41:14

  1. Nope. All I did was unzipped the 7.0.4 source and ran the normal installation.
  2. I'm refreshing it as you suggested.

I opened Fiddler and Umbraco wasn't making any visible web requests when I clicked Refresh.

I completely shut down the browser and logged back in and the template was there, so I'm wondering if there's an incompatibility with the Refresh feature and Google Chrome.

I went through all the same steps again with Internet Explorer and it worked properly. I followed the same steps again in Google Chrome and encountered the issue again.

Sam Kimmel 21 Feb 2014, 18:45:45

Note, I just tried Firefox and it exhibits the same incorrect behavior as Chrome. But IE works fine. Unfortunately, the people administering this don't use IE.

Sebastiaan Janssen 21 Feb 2014, 18:58:06

Thanks, I just reproduced this (previously when trying this I didn't open the templates tree until after creating the document types, now I opened it and tried to reload the nodes using the ellipsis).

This is a duplicate of U4-4225, the reload nodes button sometimes doesn't work. For now the workaround is to reload the browser window. The problem is fixed for the next version.

Sam Kimmel 21 Feb 2014, 19:14:48

Sorry for wasting your time chasing this down. I had filtered on v7.0.4 so the referenced issue didn't come up in my search.

Sebastiaan Janssen 21 Feb 2014, 19:25:51

No worries, glad it was already fixed! Keep the bugs coming! ;-)

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