U4-4285 - Expose/Publicize (3rd party) PropertyEditors

Created by Tom Fulton 24 Feb 2014, 07:41:12 Updated by Tom Fulton 13 Mar 2014, 06:11:34

For a package we're building (Archetype), we need to get info about the PropertyEditor for a given DataType. Specifically, the View and the DefaultPreValues fields

We managed to do this using the newly publicized PluginManager (7.1.0) to resolve PropertyEditor types, and this works great for Core editors. But, it doesn't include any 3rd party PropertyEditors that may be loaded from manifests in the App_Plugins folder.

Is there any other way we can get access to 3rd-party PropertyEditors currently? I did some digging, but everywhere that stores/accesses them seems to be private.

Glad to PR something - where would be the best place to expose these? Would a PropertyEditorService make sense? Or a method or two lumped into the DataTypeService?


Shannon Deminick 13 Mar 2014, 05:32:15

The PluginManager is not made for this type of thing. The way all plugins work is by these 3 steps:

TypeFinder -> PluginManager -> Resolver

In this case it is the Umbraco.Core.PropertyEditors.PropertyEditorResolver that will give you the full list of property editors.

I'll publicize it.

Shannon Deminick 13 Mar 2014, 05:34:10

If you wanna know more about plugins, docs are here: http://our.umbraco.org/documentation/Reference/Plugins/

Tom Fulton 13 Mar 2014, 06:11:34

Works great, thanks!

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