U4-4288 - ServerVariableParser not accessible

Created by David Brendel 24 Feb 2014, 14:03:03 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 10 Mar 2014, 08:31:50

When trying to hook into the ServerVariableParser.Parsing event i get a YSOD which says that there was an error while tryinig to access the field "Parsing". Code works in 7.0.2. Only difference that i found is that the event is declared as an event since 7.0.3. Before it wasn't declared as an event.

After further testing it seems that if you build the code against the v7.04 dll everything works fine. If I install my package that is build against v7.0.2 then the error occurs stating that my ApplicationStarted method tries to connect to a "field" called Parsing.

Seems that declaring the event as an event makes the access broken if it was build against a "field" before.

See screenshot (sadly in german).

Anyway to check that by my code?

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Shannon Deminick 09 Mar 2014, 23:39:33

I'll check what is happening - it was a mistake to not make this an event with the previous release and we cannot just leave it as a field and not an event. So you'll just need to rebuild.

Sebastiaan Janssen 10 Mar 2014, 08:31:41

@David.Brendel Sorry for introducing a breaking change! We'll take better care not to do this kind of change in the future (turning a field into an event).

The current behavior is how it was always intended to be so we'll leave it like this, which means indeed that you'll have to recompile your package.

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