U4-4558 - U7 Macro Parameter Editors needs some love!

Created by Arjan 30 Mar 2014, 16:53:44 Updated by Arjan 02 Apr 2014, 11:26:59

Relates to: U4-4531

Currently in 7.1 RC there are builtin macro parameter editors which are not working. And to be honest I have the feeling that with every update more and more of these editors stops working. So I hope these editors get some love.

First one I already filed here: http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-4537

Second one: This was working in 7.0.0 till 7.0.4 but buggy in 7.1. It is the Single Media Picker. Ideal for picking a folder in the media section. For example a picture gallery. Check screenshots. When you select a folder and hit save you now have an extra dialog about the URL which are not necessary in this case...hitting save again throws a new weird dialog with a broken picture. Guess there have to be an extra check...if selection is folder...

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Sebastiaan Janssen 31 Mar 2014, 14:50:55

Okay, breathe in, breathe out. We're human and make mistakes. Thank you for helping point them out but please don't panic. I think this is already fixed as I can't reproduce it in the latest nightly, to make sure:

  • Created a folder with a few items in it in the media section
  • Added a macro property of type Single Media Picker
  • Inserted a macro in the RTE, it asks to select a media item
  • Selected the folder by clicking the "select" link
  • Clicked "Select" and the macro is inserted, no extra dialog

If you want to verify, this is the latest nightly in which this works: http://nightly.umbraco.org/umbraco%207.1.0/UmbracoCms.7.1.0-build.261.zip

Sebastiaan Janssen 31 Mar 2014, 14:52:13

Probably related to U4-4531.

Arjan Woldring 31 Mar 2014, 16:43:59

Hello Sebastiaan. Thank you for your reply. I breathed in deeply ;) Let me point out first that you guys are amazing. And ofcourse, we all make mistakes. Maybe I exaggerated too much, sorry for that.

On your advise I downloaded the nightly build and fired it up in Webmatrix. But the problem I described is still there. Just to be sure I tested it in IE/FF/Chrome.

I did the exact same steps as you described in your post. The screenshots in my first post still applies.

The installation was only the nightly. No customization or packages installed whatsoever.

Arjan 01 Apr 2014, 10:07:34

Just did a second test on another machine, cleared all cache. But still got an error :( Attached a new screenshot.

Sebastiaan Janssen 01 Apr 2014, 11:13:33

That is really weird, I now see it as well, I wonder what I did differently last time.. hmmm

Sebastiaan Janssen 01 Apr 2014, 11:19:11

@Per.Ploug Any idea why we're getting an extra step here in the Single Media Picker macro property?

Per Ploug 01 Apr 2014, 11:49:08

Ah yes, this step was added to work with RTE insertion, and prepare for cropper support later, but I'll put a configuration option on it, so its turned off by default

Arjan 02 Apr 2014, 11:26:59

You rock Per! Thanks.

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