U4-4591 - Renaming tabs on doc types 7.0.4

Created by Paul Sørensen 03 Apr 2014, 09:13:16 Updated by Shannon Deminick 05 Jun 2015, 15:31:57

Relates to: U4-5769

I had a document type with child document types. The Root document type had a tab. I renamed this tab and saved the document type. This caused some relational bugs in the database and I was receiving; "Failed to retrieve data for content id 1073" when trying to display the node in the Content section.

More detailed description here: http://our.umbraco.org/forum/umbraco-7/using-umbraco-7/49606-Failed-to-retrieve-data-for-content-id-1073

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Sunshine Lewis 15 May 2014, 15:28:17

I have a similar experience with 7.1.2.

I have 3 levels of document type: master (4 tabs) > article (1 tab) > press release (1 tab). I can rename and reorder all tabs except the one I created first ("Content").

Changing the tab order updates the edit screen but doesn't move it in the content editor. Changing the name gives the "Failed to retrieve data" error. The error goes away if you change the name back to the original.

Deleting the tab that is causing problems gives the error message but creating a new tab with the same name cleared it out. However now both the newly created replacement tab AND the the tab that was first (in the order) after the original was deleted are giving the same error on rename.

Is there something special about the "first" tab?

Bjørn Fridal 23 Jun 2014, 07:27:34

Same in 7.1.4 as Lewis. I deleted a tab on a parent document type and then I get the error. After creating a new tab with the same name, the error goes away.

Bjørn Fridal 23 Jun 2014, 10:23:41

Found a workaround to rename the troublesome tab. Open up the table cmsPropertyTypeGroup find the tab name and change it.

Per Ploug 04 Aug 2014, 12:28:20

Cannot replicate this on 7.2 branch

Sebastiaan Janssen 06 Oct 2014, 12:04:33

Can replicate on 7.2 branch. Make sure to have 3 levels of inherited doctypes.

Sebastiaan Janssen 06 Oct 2014, 12:07:56

Oh, even works with 2 levels. The problem currently is that you can't rename the tabs, which probably prevents the original issue from popping up again.

Juho Vuotila 07 Oct 2014, 10:29:40

Also v7.1.6 suffers of this bug. This is critical because it is possible to corrupt cms database by using admin UI.

Shannon Deminick 16 Oct 2014, 05:56:55

I cannot replicate the issue on the latest 7.2. I have doc types three levels deep. I have documents created of all three of those types with data saved on properties on all tabs including inherited tabs. I can change the tab name on the master content type without issue. I can re-order them and save all the documents. @sebastiaan let me know if you can still replicate and what steps

James South 22 Oct 2014, 20:55:48

I had the issue come up when I had an inherited document type with a tab of the same name as it's ancestor type.

Dunno if that helps.

Shannon Deminick 23 Oct 2014, 01:33:22

If I try to add a tab on an inherited doc type with the same name as an ancestor type it just doesn't add it, so not sure if that is just fixed in 7.2 or how you managed to do that.

Shannon Deminick 23 Oct 2014, 04:55:58

If anyone can please test this issue with 7.2 that would be hugely appreciated because i cannot fix this if i cannot replicate it.

James South 23 Oct 2014, 21:46:11

Maybe I added it to the child first? I dunno.. I'll try and have a look at 7.2 for you.

Jesper Ordrup 05 Nov 2014, 23:42:44

Version 7.18

I have a tab on parent called "Hoejre kolonne" (with the danish letter ø). I havent created any tabs on childs with same name but I've added some properties to the inherited tab on childs.

After renaming tab I get the same error. I've tried moving any properties on the inherited tab on child doctypes first but that doesnt change anything.

Renaming it back makes it work again.

Jesper Ordrup 05 Nov 2014, 23:52:40

I was about to go to cmsPropertyTypeGroup table and rename as suggested by Bjorn Fridal but I found several entries with "Højre kolonne". Maybe this is the problem? Here's the content from table "cmsPropertyTypeGroup".

3 NULL 1032 Image 1 4 NULL 1033 File 1 5 NULL 1031 Contents 1 11 NULL 1044 Membership 1 12 NULL 1047 SEO 25 13 NULL 1047 Navigation 30 14 NULL 1049 Site 35 15 NULL 1051 Widget 0 17 NULL 1047 Indhold 10 18 17 1096 Indhold 10 22 17 1101 Indhold 10 24 NULL 1047 Slideshow 50 25 15 1108 Widget 0 26 NULL 1047 Højre kolonne 15 27 26 1049 Højre kolonne 15 28 15 1112 Widget 0 29 NULL 1049 Social 36 30 NULL 1049 Footer 37 31 NULL 1147 Eventoplysninger 0 32 NULL 1156 Spilleroplysninger 0 33 26 1096 Højre kolonne 15 34 NULL 1164 Medlemsoplysninger 0 35 NULL 1173 Kampdetaljer 0 36 17 1171 Indhold 10 37 NULL 1101 Nyhed 5 38 NULL 1173 Referat 1 39 26 1101 Højre kolonne 15 40 17 1049 Indhold 38 NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL

Sebastiaan Janssen 24 Nov 2014, 13:26:58

Moving this out of 7.2.0 for now as we can't repro this properly. We can look at it again for a next minor release.

Eric Schrepel 22 Dec 2014, 17:12:01

May be unrelated but I get "Failed to retrieve data for empty content type" after having upgraded from 7.1.8 to 7.2.1 a few days ago. None of my document types are nested or descendants of others, and the error only occurs when trying to create new nodes based on my most commonly used Document Types. I'll try the "export/import/change all nodes to new doc type" suggestion by Arie at this thread, but hoping there's a better way: http://our.umbraco.org/forum/umbraco-7/using-umbraco-7/53247-Failed-to-retrieve-data-for-empty-content-item-type-ArticlePageOldCopy?p=0

Richard Terris 06 Jan 2015, 16:44:26

I'm getting this issue on a 7.2 install using SQL CE. Initially I was on 7.1.4 and getting the issue but upgraded and it remains.

All I did was add a new tab and property on a document type but interestingly enough it was working for hours until recently I started getting this error.

The really strange thing(to me) is that I'm using a startup package as I'm prototyping something and I created a new document type under the Text Page document type. When in the content tree, if I create a page of the new doc type under a text page, I get the above error when clicking on the new page or the text page, however, if I delete the new page, I can then get into the parent Text Page again.

Hopefully this info will help someone.

Richard Terris 07 Jan 2015, 09:22:35

Hi guys,

My issue turned out to be related to a 3rd party library but it manifested itself in this way.



Sebastiaan Janssen 07 Jan 2015, 10:25:51

Which lib was that @Richard.Terris ?

Richard Terris 07 Jan 2015, 10:40:17

It was Our.Umbraco.Ditto but in actual fact ReSharper seems to have changed a constructor to Protected instead of Public during some testing we were doing, causing the Ditto issue.

Strange to me that it manifested itself in this way though?

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