U4-4606 - v7.1 Installer on Azure Websites fails

Created by Matt Muller 04 Apr 2014, 04:07:01 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 06 Jun 2014, 06:24:52

Relates to: U4-4608

Since the gallery image on Azure Websites only has version 6.x it is a manual install.

The installer fails when completing these steps (which I thought were logical manual install steps):

In Azure select New Azure Website with Customizations (Custom Create)

Follow Azure steps to setup the website with a SQL Azure DB

During this process, Azure asks you what your connection string name will be, so I entered "umbracoDbDSN" - this results in a value in the Azure Websites configuration (web.config injection) that points to the (currently blank) database

Azure website setup completes just fine

Downloaded 7.1 locally to my machine and then ftp'ed up the unzipped contents

hit the root site which redirects to /install/... and I do not get the popup dialog asking for email etc

looking at chrome dev tools there is a 500 error when the installer is calling out to /install/api/GetSetup

I assume this is happening because it finds the injected web.config entry, connects to the valid (blank) database and then fails to find what it needs

worked around teh issue by going into the Azure Websites portal and removing teh connection string and then the call to the above url worked, returning some json and then the installer worked too

Although there is a workaround above, I think the manual install path I took on Azure Websites is a logical one, so maybe at least fail gracefully and pop an error saying the database is blank or something to tell the user what the error actually is?

As a side note the password that you ask for on the first page is set to input type=text instead of input type=password?

Regards, Matt

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Sebastiaan Janssen 04 Apr 2014, 11:18:07

I'm not familiar enough with all the steps you mention but we've tested this scenario, which I'll recommend:

  • Install 7.1.0 locally on SQL Server (not CE)
  • In Visual Studio Publish the website
  • Connect to your Azure account and create a new website from within VS
  • Choose the connection string like you did
  • Publish and it all should go up just fine

The password field is plain text intentionally - http://www.nngroup.com/articles/stop-password-masking/

Eric Schrepel 06 Jun 2014, 01:16:49

I'm also getting the /install/api/GetSetup 500 (Internal Server Error) trying to upgrade a 6.1.6 site to 7.1.4. Chrome Console shows an error at angular.min.js:106. Specific error is:

{"Message":"An error has occurred.","ExceptionMessage":"The wait operation timed out","ExceptionType":"System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception","StackTrace":null}

I've attached the Chrome console output as a file if that's helpful. Have no idea what's causing the 500 error.

Sebastiaan Janssen 06 Jun 2014, 06:24:52

Errors in the log would be more helpful. Have you read this?http://our.umbraco.org/forum/getting-started/installing-umbraco/50235-Installing-Umbraco-711-GetSetup-An-error-has-occurred?p=0

Make sure that the old version number is in web.config and that your connection string is still set to point at your database. Also make sure to read the upgrade docemtation, especially the v7 upgrade one.

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