U4-4740 - v7.1.1 Media Picker datatype only allows selection of images not PDFs

Created by Stewart Ellis 22 Apr 2014, 16:37:34 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 22 Apr 2014, 17:52:58

Duplicates: U4-4609

marked fixed on U4609, but I believe it's still outstanding.

I'm running 7.1.1 (Umbraco version 7.1.1 assembly: 1.0.5211.22376 to be specific).

Looking at the mediapicker.html view file I see:

ng-model="images" images-only="onlyImages"

I changed the "images-only" param to "false" on line 5085 of \umbraco\Js\umbraco.services.js and it seems to work now. Will this param continue to default to "true" in future builds? I would expect the default would be "false" so .pdfs can be easily linked. If "true" is to be the default, can this param be set via a config file?


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