U4-4869 - Cannot save tags

Created by Duc Tran 12 May 2014, 23:39:16 Updated by Matt Darby 02 Jun 2014, 14:09:51

Is duplicated by: U4-4881

When I add a field tag to a document then in Content I try to enter a new tag but upon clicking enter, the tag does not save. It brings up a pop up of previously saved tags but can not add any new ones.

Tried in Firefox and Chrome current.

Using this version: Umbraco version 7.1.2 assembly: 1.0.5242.22738

This worked ok in Umbraco 7.1.1.


Shannon Deminick 13 May 2014, 02:14:17


This was working, something must have changed last minute. Will fix asap.

Shannon Deminick 13 May 2014, 02:53:12

fixed in 16b5c86192e66d61f7c0e95f5f55b2585c29ea51

Matt Darby 02 Jun 2014, 13:29:40

Upgraded to v7.1.4 via NuGet and still experiencing this issue?

Shannon Deminick 02 Jun 2014, 13:31:59

I think this is an issue with how upgrades have been working with Nuget, @sebastiaan is there a specific way people need to update their installs with Nuget ?

Matt Darby 02 Jun 2014, 13:52:03

I checked the code and the changes in http://github.com/Umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/commit/16b5c86192e66d61f7c0e95f5f55b2585c29ea51 have been applied - unless something else did not update properly in NuGet?

Is there anyway I can fix it manually (download and upgrade manually instead?)

Shannon Deminick 02 Jun 2014, 13:56:23

You can try updating your client dependency version number in the clientdependency.config file, this might not be updated automatically when installing via nuget (but when you are developing, you should be running in debug mode in your web.config so that shouldn't make any difference)

Matt Darby 02 Jun 2014, 14:09:51

Thanks Shannon I think that fixed it - I am using debug mode in VS. Although I think it was more likely chromes caching, forgot to clear cache after upgrading, d'oh!

Priority: Major

Type: Bug

State: Fixed

Assignee: Shannon Deminick

Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted:

Affected versions: 7.1.2

Due in version: 7.1.3


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