U4-5052 - (U7) Previewing a published page changes icon in content tree to the little green plus indicating changes need to be published even though no changes have been made.

Created by Lesley 04 Jun 2014, 16:30:14 Updated by Shannon Deminick 20 Jun 2016, 08:01:07

Relates to: U4-5510

Steps to reproduce: Select any published page in content tree. Click the Preview button (without making any changes). The icon for the page will change to include the little green plus sign. (This should only happen if there are changes pending publish!) Republishing puts the icon back to normal.

I think this is because when you click preview a "save" occurs. Can it detect if there are any changes before triggering the save?

Seen in v.7.1.4


Søren Reinke 03 Jul 2014, 08:36:49

Same problem in Nightly 7.2 build 117

Mihail Trifonov 24 Jun 2015, 19:49:17

This is marked as duplicate and the other issue as Fixed, but I can still reproduce it in 7.2.6 and is causing huge issues for my clients as they use the preview constantly. Is there a way to disable the preview as a temporary measure?

Shannon Deminick 25 Jun 2015, 13:22:46

I can replicate this but it's not quite that simple. To replicate:

  • Make a change on a content item
  • Save and Publish
  • Then preview ... you will get the icon

However, if you save and publish again without making any changes, then preview again, the icon isn't there.

I think this is because when you click preview a "save" occurs. Can it detect if there are any changes before triggering the save?

Yes, this is already being done as per U4-5510, but i think something strange is going on here now.

Shannon Deminick 25 Jun 2015, 14:05:15

The problem is that when comparing empty string values it claims that the property has changed. So for example when the RTE is saved with an empty string it converts to null. Then when it is re-saved, it sends an empty string which is different than null, so it thinks the property has changed.

So this issue will only exist on certain nodes with certain property editors. To fix we'll detect that an empty string is equivalent to null when tracking changes for property values.

Shannon Deminick 25 Jun 2015, 14:30:26

Fixed in : b5fb6bc2d5a1c19895f442d21cfd208a63c526e2

Murray Roke 12 Jun 2016, 22:23:11

For your "user stories" if you have them, this is my situation: I use uMigrate to transform data, in this case I changed from MNTP to RJP Multi Url Picker, the former is a CSV of id, the second is JSON.

It transformed all the published content fine, but there was a lot of items with pending changes which it transformed the edited version, these all then needed to be reviewed and published.

Most of these pending edits were caused by people using the preview button on already published content. :-(

This solution is using umbraco version 7.2.8 (the fix is due in version says 7.2.3, but Shannon's comment says 7.3.0)

ditto for his ticket: http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-5510 says it's fixed in 7.2 but it's not fixed in 7.2.8 in my experience.

Now I'm going to test in 7.4.3 ... and ... I still have this issue in 7.4.3, but only on some pages. And I'm having trouble finding a common factor, I have the Nested Content plugin, but that does not seem to guarantee a save gets created on preview.... I found a page that never generates a save on preview... keep adding stuff, finally edited a plain textstring property, and now every preview generates a save, weird! Sorry I can't nail it down any better, I can try and organise a copy of the DB and plugins folder if that would help.

Shannon Deminick 20 Jun 2016, 08:01:07

@Murray.Roke If you have steps to reproduce an issue, you will need to open up a new one with full details so we can assign it to a release.

Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Fixed


Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

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Affected versions: 7.2.0, 7.1.4, 7.2.6, 7.2.8, 7.4.3

Due in version: 7.2.7


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