U4-5086 - Creating MemberTypeProperties does not work anymore starting with 6.2

Created by Frank Eckardt 13 Jun 2014, 10:48:49 Updated by Shannon Deminick 26 Jun 2017, 05:39:42

Function: The attached startup-code checks for a given MemberType and if that type does not exists, it will be created.

// Create the new MemberType var customMemberType = MemberType.MakeNew(adminUser, customerMemberTypeAlias); customMemberType.Text = customerMemberTypeName; customMemberType.Alias = customerMemberTypeAlias;

        // Create a new PropertyType
        var memberType = customMemberType.AddPropertyType(labelDataType, propertyName, caption);
        memberType.PropertyTypeGroup = targetTab; 

Problem: While the code works correctly up to 6.1.6, starting with 6.2 there will be no longer properties created successfully.

Reproducer: Just take a vanilla 6.1.6 installation, create an empty site and extract the attached code to App_Code. The new member will be created a with a new tab and some test properties. (please see attached screenshots)

The same procedure with 6.2.1 results in a created new MemberType, a new tab but no propertytypes.

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Shannon Deminick 26 Jun 2017, 05:39:42

Closing issue due to inactivity - see blog post for details https://umbraco.com/blog/issue-tracker-cleanup/

Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Closed


Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

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Affected versions: 6.1.6, 6.2.1

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