U4-532 - minRequiredPasswordLength and minRequiredNonAlphanumericalCharacters should be implemented in Umbraco Membership Provider

Created by Sebastiaan Janssen 19 Aug 2012, 14:53:51 Updated by Jeffrey Schoemaker 15 Sep 2015, 10:30:30

Relates to: U4-3158

Relates to: U4-2124

Relates to: U4-3057

For the moment the Membership attributes minRequiredPasswordLength and minRequiredNonAlphanumericalCharacters are not implemented in the Umbraco Membership Provider. As password security is fairly crucial on the Internet, I think those attributes should be implemented in the Umbraco Membership Provider

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Jeffrey Schoemaker 15 Sep 2015, 10:30:30

In new versions this is fixed => Changed state to "Fixed"

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