U4-5352 - Properties disappears when another tabs are clicked

Created by Kasper Dyrvig 14 Aug 2014, 11:32:56 Updated by Miku Kelley 29 Oct 2014, 09:52:05

Relates to: U4-5672

The node has list view enabled - see the screenshots. The node properties are gone after selecting another tab and then coming back to the first tab. They are gone on both in the "Child items" tab and "Content" tab.

If I open another content node and then go back to the first node the fields are back - but disappears again when clicking a tab.

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Sebastiaan Janssen 14 Aug 2014, 12:11:23

How did you get properties to appear on the Child Items tab?

Kasper Dyrvig 19 Aug 2014, 11:12:45

I didn't do anything to accomplish that. It was just there in both 7.1.4 and 7.1.0. Maybe it started after upgrading to 7.1.0?

Sebastiaan Janssen 19 Aug 2014, 11:42:02

There's definitely never properties on the Child Items tab so I think your upgrade might not be complete.

I would recommend you try the following:

Google Chrome has notoriously aggressive caching, so if something doesn't seem to work well in the backoffice, make sure to clear cache and cookies thoroughly (for other browsers as well).

One way to nudge the cache in Chrome is to open the developer tools (F12) and go to the settings (the cog icon). There will be a checkbox that says "Disable cache (while DevTools is open)". Once this checkbox is on you can refresh the page and the cache should be invalidated. To force it even more, the "reload" button next to your address bar now has extra options when you right-click it. It should have "Normal reload", "Hard reload" and "Empty cache and hard reload" now. The last option is the most thorough and you might want to try that.

The important other thing you'll need to do is go into config/ClientDependency.config and update the version number in there. So if it currently says version="2" then just make it one higher: version="3". This will ensure that any server-side cache of javascript and stylesheets gets cleared as well.

If that does not help then make absolutely sure that your upgrade did not miss any files, get your favorite merge tool and make sure that all files especially in the /umbraco folder are the same as the ones we ship with Umbraco 7.1.4.

Kasper Dyrvig 02 Sep 2014, 08:13:40

Thanks for your help Sebastiaan. I have fixed the problem now. It turned out that the "Child items" tab and "Content" tab had the same id. So by creating a new "Content" tab the problem was solved.

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