U4-5366 - Importing Document Types Doesn't Set Allowed Children

Created by Nicholas Westby 18 Aug 2014, 18:00:05 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 27 Feb 2018, 11:42:41

Tags: PR

Subtask of: U4-11011

When I export a document type, the UDT file correctly shows the allowed children. However, when I import it, no allowed children are set.

Note that I was careful to import doctypes in the correct order so child doctypes would be known at the time the parent doctypes were imported (so, children were created before parents).


Shannon Deminick 26 Jun 2017, 05:40:43

Closing issue due to inactivity - see blog post for details https://umbraco.com/blog/issue-tracker-cleanup/

Stefan Kip 26 Jun 2017, 05:54:27

This issue is still relevant AFAIK.

Sebastiaan Janssen 22 Feb 2018, 17:31:31

PR: https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/2467

Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Fixed


Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted:

Affected versions: 7.0.4

Due in version: 7.9.0


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