U4-5413 - Make dictionary tree movable

Created by Matt Brailsford 28 Aug 2014, 13:11:52 Updated by Dan Booth 14 Dec 2015, 10:35:19

Relates to: U4-6620

Relates to: U4-5340

Relating to my blog post here: http://www.theoutfield.net/blog/2014/08/moving-the-dictionary-tree-to-a-different-section-in-umbraco it would be good to allow the dictionary tree to be movable so that it can be exposed to content editors so they can do the translations.

This isn't currently possible as the dictionary item editor and dictionary item list pages expect the tree to always be in the settings section. If we change this so that the trees application is looked up dynamically, this will allow the dictionary tree to be moved more easily (and any other editor pages for that matter)


Matt Brailsford 28 Aug 2014, 13:12:30

Pull request here: https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/465

Asbjørn Riis-Knudsen 28 Aug 2014, 15:52:49

Or why not move it to the translations section by default? That would seem the logical place to put it (at least the content editor part).

Peter Cort Larsen 30 Aug 2014, 14:53:51

Yes asbjørn. So annoying, place it in translation section by default. I never used that section anyway.

Sébastien Richer 30 Sep 2014, 15:08:19

I like what Asbjorn mentions. I like the possibility of having the dictionary moved, but I would prefer it being in the right place out of the box, this makes for less customizations. Shannon is that part of you fix? Thanks! (Ohh geez I think I reopened the issue? Lot's of info seems missing now ? :()

andrew shearer 12 Dec 2015, 20:59:03

hi - I see the dictionary is still in the Settings section by default. Any plans to move it to Translation by default?

Shannon Deminick 14 Dec 2015, 09:36:46

@shearer3000 yes: http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-5448 ... in v8 since that is a breaking change.

Dan Booth 14 Dec 2015, 09:42:54

@Shandem Isn't there anyway it can be made configurable in trees.config so that (for now) it remains by default in Settings but can be moved? That wouldn't be a breaking change but would give people the option.

I know it seems minor, but I've had to grant two client's access to Settings to edit dictionary items, and both have wreaked havoc when they've decided to nosey around and start adding "scripts" to templates etc. It's a major UX problem and v8 seems a long way off...

Shannon Deminick 14 Dec 2015, 09:53:30

Yes, you can move it in trees.config

Jan Vanuytrecht 14 Dec 2015, 09:56:25

Moving it won't do much good. You'll still need to also give that user permissions to the settings section.

Dan Booth 14 Dec 2015, 10:35:19

@Shandem ahh, cool. I tried moving it in 7.3.4 and it works - could have sworn this didn't in earlier versions! Cheers.

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