U4-5416 - Remove umbraco.presentation.nodeFactory.* and uQuery

Created by Stephan 28 Aug 2014, 16:49:30 Updated by Jeroen Breuer 21 Apr 2015, 12:59:24

Subtask of: U4-5419

Completely remove (as in, delete) umbraco.presentation.nodeFactory.* (ie the whole Page_Legacy.cs file) that has been obsolete for ever.


Jeroen Breuer 05 Jan 2015, 10:16:15

If uQuery is removed it would be nice if some methods are moved to the Umbraco helper. For example there isn't a good alternative yet for the [GetNodeIdByUrl|https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/blob/dev-v7/src/Umbraco.Web/umbraco.presentation/umbraco/uQuery/uQuery-Nodes.cs#L204] method.

Lee Kelleher 11 Feb 2015, 12:29:02

@jbreuer - isn't UmbracoContext.ContentCache.GetByRoute a good replacement for GetNodeIdByUrl?

Jeroen Breuer 11 Feb 2015, 12:33:12

I've tried that, but GetByRoute works different. For example just passing in a url like you can do in GetNodeIdByUrl doesn't work. Also GetByRoute sometimes need to start with an id based on the domain. So for example 1028/rest/of/the/url.

Mehul Gajjar 21 Apr 2015, 12:55:47

@leekelleher / @jbreuer :

i am using umbraco 7.2.4 , is it a good practice to use UmbracoContext.ContentCache.GetByRoute ? or if any other method in umbraco helper for get node by url.

Kindly give your valuable feedback

Thanks & Regards Mehul Gajjar.

Jeroen Breuer 21 Apr 2015, 12:59:24


You could try to use UmbracoContext.ContentCache.GetByRoute. It it doesn't work you can always try the GetNodeIdByUrl or check in the source code what that method does.


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