U4-5433 - Created User unable to Create content if Permissions have been customised.

Created by Marty 03 Sep 2014, 10:20:42 Updated by von 28 Mar 2017, 09:28:12

Duplicates: U4-6973

Relates to: U4-7934

On a fresh install:

  • In the Users section, change the 'Editor' User Type to only have 'Browse Node', 'Publish' and 'Update' permissions.
  • Create a user with the User Type of 'Editor'
  • Grant 'Create' permissions to the user for a specific content node ('News' if the Txt Starter Kit is installed)
  • Log in as the user and try to create an item under the content node with 'Create' permissions.

There is no 'Save and Publish' button visible, so the user has no way of creating content.

I encountered this issue in a live environment (shared hosting) using a MSSQL 2012 database with Umbraco 7.1.4 so I attempted to recreate the issue using my local machine with a SQL CE database and the latest release (7.1.6) with the same result.


Ben 22 Sep 2014, 13:10:49

I found that if the user clicks the Preview button this causes a save to happen and it creates the page. After that they can use the big green button at the bottom to save their changes. We are using this as a work around until a solution can be found.

Jamie Gilbert 24 Oct 2014, 09:14:10

Also seems to be affecting Media.

User with custom permissions unable to save Media, error:

Authorization error: Unauthorized access to URL: /umbraco/backoffice/UmbracoApi/Media/PostSave

Brian Reimer 15 Jun 2015, 11:44:06

Got the same in 7.2.5 - didn't have it in 7.1.8 (just updated to 7.2.5)

It's like there's a cache - that needs to update - because it can be triggered/pushed at some point.

Sunshine Lewis 08 Jul 2015, 21:18:03

We are also seeing it in 7.2.5. In my case clicking preview is not an option for a workaround because there is no preview button either as reported in this forum post (https://our.umbraco.org/forum/umbraco-7/using-umbraco-7/57821-Publish-Save-button-is-gone-).

Direct link to screenshot: https://our.umbraco.org/media/upload/904e0bf7-b6bc-43e1-83c7-09e315c40077/Screen%20Shot%202014-11-03%20at%2014.50.19.png

Instead I've had to assign that user to a user type that has create permissions.

Gordon Saxby 30 Jul 2015, 09:04:53

Seem to be getting the same issue - we have a new User Type with Browse permission only (set at user Type). Each user is granted permission to sections / nodes that they are allowed to edit. Edit / Save & Publish of existing content is fine but creating new content is not (no preview or Save & Publish buttons). Version 7.2.1

Vinay Sud 24 Aug 2015, 15:23:34

Same issue - We've got a number of users who we've prevented access to 'Create' new nodes except for blog items (set at the 'User Permission' level). They are now able to 'Create' new blog items but unfortunately unable to save their changes as the 'Save & Publish' button is not there.

Robert Martine-McEvoy 25 Aug 2015, 22:07:03

Having a similar issue in Umbraco version 7.2.1:

I give publish permission of a content node to 'User A' who's usertype does not have publish as a default permission. I can see the additional permission in the [umbracoUser2NodePermission] table in the database.

When I log back in as 'User A' they do not have the "Save and Publish" button available in the Content Editor. However, 'User A' DOES have Publish available in the Context Menu and Actions Menus.

The only way I was able to make the the Save and Publish button show up in the Content Editor for 'User A' was by Restarting the site in IIS. I tried "Republish Entire Site" and deleting umbraco.config as well, but both yielded no results.

Shannon Deminick 10 Sep 2015, 11:40:39

Almost positive this is the same issue as this right ? http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-6973

Gordon Saxby 10 Sep 2015, 11:50:11

@Shandem It does appear to be the same issue

Chris Wilson 13 Oct 2015, 08:28:41

@Shandem That is the same issue, yes. Glad to see it is resolved!

von 28 Mar 2017, 09:28:12

I have encountered this with version 7.4.3. The fix was to re-apply the permission given to the user in Users > User permissions folder. I check the database for the permission given to the user and the umbracoUser2NodePermission shows that the user has access to the nodes with missing "save and publish" button. After re-applying the permission the table still contains the same set of userId - nodeId - permission. Could this be a caching issue? But before I re-applied the permission no amount of restarting the site, removing cached (temp) files did the trick.

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