U4-5561 - Umbraco v.7.1.4 (7.1.6) User Start media (content) node permissions

Created by Max Beda 30 Sep 2014, 10:43:46 Updated by Dave Long 12 Jun 2017, 13:58:11

Duplicates: U4-4974

Media start node: When user "Media start node" is some SUB-folder, it doesn't work with "Media picker" data type. No media is shown for user:

  1. set user permissions: http://screencast.com/t/N3ZlSwmfcT
  2. login to Umbraco with this user = no media to choose: http://screencast.com/t/AFEkd2uH

Dirty fix:

  1. change "Media picker" data type to use "Multinode treepicker" property: http://screencast.com/t/KmzBFTB1S
  2. then, it's possible to get Media, but without preview: http://screencast.com/t/NQf2BcQiI

Content start node: When user "Media start node" is not root, then Content tree is closed, once user chooses or created some sub-tree node (does some action): http://screencast.com/t/7uxBWCasCUA1

So - it's very hard for editors to see/understand where they are now and why "it's not working"....


Max Beda 30 Sep 2014, 12:16:11

Hi Sebastian. You set this issue as duplicate of issue#4974. Anyway - it's not. Let me explain, why I think so:

  • U4-4974 is related to RTE - my issue is related to Media picker So, after quick fix with umbraco.controller.js it works fine with RTE, but not with Media picker: http://screencast.com/t/tTAXZoPZV
  • I still have problems accessing Sub-media nodes as editor with some "Start media node"

Next, is another issue, but related to the same behavior with user permissions:

Can you, please, review this again? Thanks and sorry for disturbing...

Sebastiaan Janssen 30 Sep 2014, 13:41:32

Please create a new issue for the content tree problem and add your comments about the media picker to U4-4974, it's not exactly the same issue but ultimately very very related so it would be good to fix all of the related issues too.

Sebastiaan Janssen 30 Sep 2014, 13:44:44

Ah I see you already added your comments there, perfect!

Max Beda 30 Sep 2014, 14:01:49

Thanks, Sebastian! I have created new issue about Content start node: U4-5563

Dave Long 12 Jun 2017, 13:58:11

Hi Guys - I'm also running into this issue in 7.5.14. Any plans to include it in a version going forward? If not I will try take a look myself.

Thanks, Dave

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