U4-5577 - Remove support for XML cache file shipping

Created by Stephan 02 Oct 2014, 14:18:30 Updated by Reuel Ramos Ribeiro 27 Mar 2017, 12:06:44

Subtask of: U4-5419

Completely remove support for "XML cache file shipping" feature, where the XML cache would watch the XML file and reload when the file changes - was used to load-balance by shipping the XML file to servers, or having it on a NAS.


Reuel Ramos Ribeiro 14 Mar 2017, 13:00:01

@Shandem @zpqrtbnk How will that affect the load balancing and cache in general? Will we no longer have a XML file cache? I look forward for that change in Umbraco's cache structure, and I need to understand more how cache will work in the version 8. Thanks.

Reuel Ramos Ribeiro 27 Mar 2017, 12:06:44

up :) Sorry upping here, but it is important for me on a future critical project to understand how it will affect umbraco 8.


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