U4-5683 - Migrate Dictionary tree & editor (Angular & Service APIs)

Created by Lee Kelleher 24 Oct 2014, 08:31:56 Updated by Lee Kelleher 13 Jun 2018, 18:27:28

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Relates to: U4-8194

Is required for: U4-6620

Subtask of: U4-8207

Migrate the Dictionary tree and editor to use v7 technology - Angular and Service APIs.

A pull-request (work-in-progress) has been opened: https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/514

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Abdullah SARGIN 31 May 2016, 13:12:12

How is working going ? Yeah i waiting angular resources update :( I need angular resources greather then 1.5

Warren Buckley 13 Jul 2017, 12:59:03

Commented on the PR to see the status of the PR from @leekelleher to see if its upto date & ready to be reviewed.

Lee Kelleher 13 Jul 2017, 13:11:30

I've closed the PR, as it was made 2 years ago and there are probably better practises to follow now for core inclusion.

Warren Buckley 13 Jul 2017, 13:15:41

Thanks @leekelleher

Dave Woestenborghs 20 Jul 2017, 16:40:41

@warren.buckley I'm having a stab at this one. Should I create the PR when I'm fully done. Or should I create earlier to have early feedback ?

Warren Buckley 20 Jul 2017, 18:31:05

Hi @dawoe I would say a happy medium between the both, if you need or would like feedback from us it would be good to have a reasonable size chunk to review & give you feedback on.

Great stuff I look forward to seeing the PR

Dave Woestenborghs 30 Aug 2017, 07:45:28

@warren.buckley created a WIP PR for this one : https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/2159

At the moment this includes the new tree and already supports deleting and creating of dictionary items. Next will be the actual editing. The old tree is also still in there

Sebastiaan Janssen 02 Oct 2017, 11:30:49

I haven't followed along on this one but I see it's popping up in our current planning. @dawoe can you give us a quick update to see how far along this is? Then we can spend some time looking at it to make sure we're going in the right direction here. Looks like you did quite a bit of work already, which is really cool!

Dave Woestenborghs 07 Oct 2017, 12:35:53

The new tree is in place. As well as creating an editing

Still todo is the edit view And the clean up of the old implementation. Probably will need some assistance in on that one.

Will have some travelling days next week. Will see if I can continue on it then.


Dave Woestenborghs 05 Dec 2017, 13:51:14


This is almost done. Just need to localize some hard coded text and finishing the overview at the moment.

Old tree is still there as a reference

Dave Woestenborghs 12 Dec 2017, 13:20:11

@sebastiaan @warren.buckley this is done now. Old tree is still visible for testing purposes so still needs to be removed. But I need some guidance in what to remove.

PR : https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/2159

Dave Woestenborghs 22 Mar 2018, 08:33:22

@nul800sebastiaan @sebastiaan @warren.buckley

When is this going to be reviewed ? Last commit with changes to PR is almost 3 months ago. First request for feedback is almost 7 months ago.

Since the last commit 2 minors have been released. And according to @Shandem the aim for 7.10 is next week.

I know you guys are very busy and have a lot of PR's to review. But this took a lot of my free time to do, and it is not very motivating if you don't get any feedback at all.

Sebastiaan Janssen 22 Mar 2018, 16:41:39

Hey @dawoe! Many apologies for the delay I know how much it sucks. We really appreciate all your hard work on this. I've finally had a look at the state of this and it's great that you just recreated the current editing experience, we can always do UI/UX updates later. From a quick glance, the code also looks pretty good so I don't think we'll have too much work to make sure it's up to our standards. We have just started a new sprint but we'll consider it for next sprint. We'll update you in two weeks when the new sprint starts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! #h5yr

Sebastiaan Janssen 22 Mar 2018, 16:53:23

From what I can see, we need to:

  • Review the code, looks fine at a glance
  • Make sure we remove the old dictionary aspx files and code
  • Possibly allow the Dictionary tree to be moved to the Translate section
  • I didn't look yet but we need to make sure the C# apis are checking for permissions properly

Sebastiaan Janssen 22 Mar 2018, 17:00:16

A little video of me clicking around in the old and the new tree to give you an idea of how it looks and works.

Markus Johansson 29 May 2018, 10:03:34

I would like to add one small thing, maybe we could make the textarea a little wider? We have some clients that has longer stuff in the dictionaries and it would be nice to have the whole sentence on one row. (If it's not something that everybody want I can of course add my on css with a custom plugin.

Markus Johansson 29 May 2018, 10:04:55

Also we should make sure to address this issue: http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-10710

Sebastiaan Janssen 13 Jun 2018, 18:20:36

Would you believe it... THIS IS NOW MERGED!

Not only that, in your trees.config you can now change:


Which makes the dictionary tree available in... you guessed it: the Translation section!

Time to go celebrate!

Lee Kelleher 13 Jun 2018, 18:27:28

@sebastiaan Woo hoo! Thanks @dawoe for picking up on this after my initial (failed) attempt, good work!

Priority: Normal

Type: Feature (request)

State: Fixed


Difficulty: Normal

Category: Editor

Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted: Pull request

Affected versions: 7.9.0

Due in version: 7.11.0


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