U4-5686 - Special characters in icon filenames

Created by Daniel Palm 26 Oct 2014, 19:07:42 Updated by Imran Haider 03 Nov 2016, 16:26:13

Tags: Up For Grabs

When I named a custom icon for the umbraco/images/umbraco folder I used a special swedish character (ä). When uploaded; it generates an error message in the Document Types (the one where you select an icon for that object) and the Media Type dialog:

Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length

Renaming the icon using a-z solves the problem. It´s ok if umbraco demand icons with a-z file names, but it should give a proper error message.


Imran Haider 03 Nov 2016, 16:25:42

Hi Daniel,

We've tried adding a new custom icon containing special characters including the "ä".

There was no issue nor was there any exceptions.

We have been unable to replicate the problem.

If you are still having this issue could you please provide some more information and specific steps to recreate it.

Thanks :)


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