U4-5781 - Update to latest codemirror

Created by Shannon Deminick 11 Nov 2014, 07:05:34 Updated by Shannon Deminick 28 Aug 2015, 10:26:13

Relates to: U4-5741

Subtask of: U4-5423


Shannon Deminick 24 Jun 2015, 17:07:40

This is implemented and working nicely however I'm marking this as a breaking change because:

  • To enable CodeMirror TinyMCE plugin, the tinyMceConfig.config file needs to be updated with the correct codemirror path like:
    <config key="codemirror">
      "indentOnInit": false,
      "path": "../../../../lib/codemirror", 
      "config": {
      "jsFiles": [
      "cssFiles": [
  • The CodeMirror major version has changed so if anyone is relying on some old quirky behavior, that behavior might not exist anymore
  • We're not going to be shipping with the same CodeMirror files we were shipping with before, they are now shipped with the other js libs inside of /umbraco/lib/codemirror (since we are using bower for dependencies)

Priority: Normal

Type: Feature (request)

State: Fixed

Assignee: Shannon Deminick

Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: False

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Due in version: 7.3.0


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