U4-5834 - Change password description text is confusing

Created by Nick Johnson 18 Nov 2014, 11:28:06 Updated by Matthew 29 Jan 2015, 16:07:30

The change password description text is confusing. It says to enter your current password but there is nowhere to enter this. See screen shot attached

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Shannon Deminick 04 Dec 2014, 00:53:58

Pretty sure this is fixed now right @sebastiaan ?

Matthew 26 Jan 2015, 22:18:05

This is still an issue on my installation of 7.2.1.

I would like to add that the Reset Password checkbox is also confusing (and perhaps unnecessary). Users don't realize that the checkbox will reset their password to a random string. I've had to tell users to ignore the checkbox and enter their desired password in the textfields.

Shannon Deminick 29 Jan 2015, 06:48:06

I've fixed this now - I've just removed that entire text block, i don't think a change password form needs much explanation. Will ensure it's in 7.2.2

That checkbox shows up because it's an option available on your membership provider, you don't have to allow this option. In web.config for your membership provider (for users in this case), change this option to false:


Normal membership providers don't allow an admin to update a password without knowing it first, therefore the only option is to reset it. However, the umbraco membership providers do support an changing a user's password without knowing it first which is why you get both options. If you were to change to a non-umbraco membership provider, or you created your own by inheriting from the umbraco membership providers and in c# override the proeprty 'AllowManuallyChangingPassword' and set to false, you will notice that you would be required to enter the current password before you can change it.

Matthew 29 Jan 2015, 16:07:30

Aha! That was an easy fix. Thanks!

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