U4-6215 - navigationService.syncTree doesn't refresh open child nodes

Created by Matt Brailsford 30 Jan 2015, 13:30:03 Updated by Markus Johansson 01 Apr 2017, 23:57:52

When calling navigationService.syncTree and passing it a valid path and having forceReload set to true, the node in question does reload, however, if that node is open, it's child nodes don't referesh.

Child nodes should also refresh (or there should be an extra option to refresh child nodes).

My use case is that I'm adding overlay icons to nodes based upon inherited values so when the parent node reloads, I need the child nodes to re-render so that their icon overlay updates.


Markus Johansson 01 Apr 2017, 23:23:34

Having issues with this one as well. Anyone know a way to work around this and reload the childs?

Markus Johansson 01 Apr 2017, 23:57:52

While the forceReload-flag dont work this can be used:

treeService.loadNodeChildren({ section: "content", node: child });

Other good methods of the treeService:

var root = treeService.getTreeRoot($scope.currentNode);

        var child = treeService.getDescendantNode(root, $scope.target.id,"content");

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